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Along the Inca Road:

Karin's journey starts with a bang - literally. A Brazilian military helicopters crashes a hundred meters from her on the Inca Road. Her first night is spent sharing food and her tent with the soldiers. Once they are safely away she continues down the trail through Ecuador, drinking saliva-fermented beer with locals and sleeping in the ancient Inca way stations until she reaches the spectacular ruins of Ingapirca. A nationwide strike breaks out just as she arrives in Quito, pitting Indians armed with stones against the military with armored vehicles and tear gas. Karin hitchhikes across the lines and stumbles upon a happier event - an Ecuadorian festival where full-sized pigs are roasted and carried through the streets for days - and then eaten. From there Karin heads east into the remote gold mining towns of the Oriente, where poor miners blast rock deep in the bowels of the mountain and use mercury to leach out the gold. And finally, she trains with the Ecuadorian military in order to be allowed to accompany them on a de-mining patrol on the border of Peru - from where she hopes to continue her journey south…. along the Inca road.

Mountain Gods and Golden Fleece:

Northern Peru is famous for its shaman ceremonies - three-day marathons to exorcize spirits and bring travelers luck on their journeys. After getting the shaman's blessing, Karin treks deep into the Chachapoyas, a remote region whose inhabitants fought fiercely against the Inca and almost won. It's also an area littered with mummies and ancient burial grounds, which Karin explores until she becomes lost in the high Andes and stumbles across a farmer and his precocious son. She catches a ride down to an ancient Inca coastal ruin, then follows the trail to a village famous for making reed boats to fish in Peru's rugged surf. She settles in and builds one under the guidance of the local master fishermen, then takes it out for its maiden voyage. After months in remote regions, Lima comes as quite a shock. Karin is invited to join in the Lord of Miracles festival and spends three days and nights preparing flower paths and following the million worshipers who have come to see the famous mural. With relief she heads back into the hinterlands - past coastal penguins - to a village far outside of Puno, to participate in an extraordinary event - a vicuna roundup.

Sacred Valley, Modern Times:

Karin finds herself in the Inca town of Ollantaytambo just in time for their yearly bullfight. The animals are never injured, though the matadors sometimes get hurt. She is invited to join in and - not surprisingly - cracks a rib. The next night some locals recognize her and invite her to a Quechua wedding. The sacred Machu Picchu beckons and she hikes down the well-traveled Inca trail until she reaches South America's most breathtaking ruins. On her way to Cusco she works in the salt mines of the Sacred Valley, an industry that hasn't changed since Inca times. She continues to Puno, to a festival that celebrates the arrival of the first Inca, Manco Capac, and then lives with an old couple at the birthplace of the Inca people - the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca. Once across the border into Bolivia, she trains with a team of devil dancers and spends three days in one of South America's largest festivals. Life gets serious - and dangerous - as she hitchhikes down the Death Highway into Bolivia's notorious coca-growing lowlands. She joins a Bolivian patrol and finds a jungle cocaine lab and helps them burn it to the ground. Further south she catches a ride with two motorcyclists into Bolivia's stunning salt flats and finally buys a motorcycle of her own for the final leg of her journey - through the world's driest desert of Atacama and down the coast of Chile to Santiago.

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                                             The Royal Inca Road DVD cover

Karin Muller journey's to the Inca settlement of Machu Picchu

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The Royal Inca Road - DVD

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